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Who I am

My origins come from a family where my parents have educated their children to fight for their challenges, to live with passion and above all, to be optimistic so that we can get closer to what makes us happy.

When I was a child, I started a very close link with the world of sport, handball in particular, exercising all possible roles from player, coach, referee, manager, etc.

I combined all these activities with a high social vocation that made me involved in projects where I could contribute my bit to improve the world. I started at Mà Oberta de los Maristas, I joined the Junior Chamber International (now I’m a senator 70537) and I currently work with various social organizations such as Creu Roja Catalunya, Fundació Isidre Esteve and others, traveling and undertaking social projects.

At the level of studies and despite my parents, I was a school failure because I repeated 2nd and 3rd BUP, I suspended COU and although I passed in September, I suspended the selectivity with 3.75. This was a strong adversity that I started to solve at the age of 25, starting to study Business in the UNED, UOC Open University of Catalonia and complemented by three masters related to new technologies (e-commerce, e-learning and e- Business) at the University of La Salle URL, in addition to a lot of non-regulated training.

Professionally I was working and being intrapreneur in a technological company and at the age of 29 my need to be an entrepreneur was aroused and I founded my first Bituline company that I closed a few years later. Later we founded Kinetical Business with La Salle’s colleagues where I was undertaking for ten years. Subsequently and due to a scare of health, I decided to leave the company to found InPreneur, company that occupies to me at the moment where we are dedicated to foment the entrepreneurial spirit in the corporations.

In addition to the companies of my own creation, I am combining my activity as Advisor of some companies and also, I have joined as a partner of Innova B2B, a technological company, with which to value my experience of more than 20 years in the world Of technology, because it is an asset that I consider opportune to optimize, not only for my own projects but for other companies.

Already in 2002 in the framework of JCI International, I prepared myself as trainer on entrepreneurship and leadership. From that moment I discovered that I could do the same way to accompany people as I did as a young man in the world of sports. Now with my studies and my experience, I have the opportunity to do the same in companies or large corporations.

I combine my business interests with collaborations with the media, having been in Catalunya Radio, Rac1, RneR4, Cadena Ser, Diari ARA or currently in the economic newspaper Expansión, where I have a monthly column of opinion

My penultimate challenge was to initiate myself in the world of book writing, in order to be able to transmit what was transmitted to me by my writers, such as Dale Carnegie, Lair Ribeiro, and others. With all this in March of 2013 I published my first book “Mamut or Sapiens” and in January of 2015 “The paralysis that activates” and “Tropa Sapiens” in January of 2017, all in the collection Enterprise Activa of Ediciones Urano.

As a lecturer, I am developing a national and international career, focused and focused on the transformational mentality and closely related to the content of my books.

Upcoming challenges?

My challenge is to always have challenges.