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Which is the problem

Which is it the main problem?

The problem is.

The Mental block

“The main problem in our society is that people’s minds are blocked. This paralyzes them and they’re unable to fight for their dreams, both personal and professional”

Can it be solved?



By accepting the fact that it’s not enough to inspire and give away kind words, as this doesn’t unblock the mind permanently. Something else is needed. It is needed:

  1. Inspiring people so they believe that a better future is possible and achievable.
  2. Giving them tools so they can put it into practice daily.
  3. Implement it in their closest environment.

When we’re able to go beyond words, when we’re able to prove to people that their goals are achievable, a smile appears on their faces once again and, from there onwards, we can implement #ShakingMinds and #SapiensMindset