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Tropa Sapiens (January 2017)

How can this reach the communities I belong to?

And that’s when Tropa Sapiens is born.

‘Tropa Sapiens’, published in January 2017

In Tropa Sapiens, we go one step ahead in team management. In this book we explain what are the key elements to create collectivities that are motivated and that are able to evolve continuously.

In this book we explain which are the characteristics of a troop and we get into a great deal of detail when talking about the five transformations that we must live whenever we’re in a group.

  • Go from task to challenge
  • Go from leader to mentor
  • Go from member to ambassador
  • Go from contents to tools
  • Go from pack to troop

The book is structured to explain how to implement each of these transformations and, above all, how to keep providing tools to do so

These three books, this Sapiens Mindset Trilogy, is:

  • A tool box that goes beyond inspiration and wants to provide ideas and guidelines so that personal transformation can actually transform organizations and, above all, so that these transformations can help people to transform.

Each one of the books has a sentence that defines this philosophy:

In Mamut o Sapiens is ‘You lose nothing by trying’

In La parálisis que activa is ‘Shake your life and you’ll shake the world’

In Tropa Sapiens is ‘Hunt before you’re hunt’

I encourage you that you let me try to convince you that the Sapiens Mindset Trilogy is worthy of joining your publishing house

I encourage you to help thousands of readers to shake with us

I encourage you to join us and share troop.