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Sapiens Trilogy

What is the Sapiens Mindset Trilogy?

Books that help implement a #ShakingMinds and develop the Sapiens Mindset

In ‘Mamut or Sapiens’, I explain which are the 10 vital concerns that everyone has when handling a change or taking on a new challenge

In ‘La parálisis que activa’, I explain how to overcome and prevent adversities that we’ll face in life when we start approaching our challenges

In ‘Tropa Sapiens’, I explain how to transcend said mindset to our environments so we can keep our teams motivated and in constant evolution

Moreover, through our website we’re creating technology so our reader can follow and validate their processes in an autonomous way, thus taking more advantage of the books he has already acquired. There will be questionnaires, videos, applications, etc.

What do I ask?

That you take the chance to validate this video and you can analyze my books.