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Sapiens Mindset

What is Sapiens Mindset?

It’s your new needed mindset to help you achieve your challenges. Its focus is:

  1. Providing a mindset that co-lives with the change…
    1. of a mindset that tries to innovate
    2. of a mindset that puts the value in human concerns
  2. Above all, an attitude that acts.

When all of these happens, you end up changing and you’re in a constant evolution.

What is Sapiens Mindset based on?

  • Providing enough tools so that people learn how to deal with their vital concerns so they can adapt to change and be an entrepreneur.
  • Providing enough tools so that people learn how to overcome the adversities they will have in life but, above all, how to prevent them
  • And moreover, once they’ve learnt to transform constantly, it’s important to provide them tools so they learn how to pass it on to their teams and thus transcend its philosophy to their closest surrounding.

Is all this a pipe dream of mine or what am I based on?

More than twenty years of experience in the entrepreneurship and technology business, and I’m actually developing my forth company.

Around ten projects in areas as diverse as sports, social world, NGO in several countries such as Spain, Mexico, Cameroon, India, Bosnia and others.

Thousands of formation hours in Spanish universities and international organizations like FC.Barcelona, Sanofi, Bimbo, Montblanc, among others.

Hundreds of hours in radio shows, tens of opinion columns, hundreds of blog posts, tens of #albertinas videos (personal reflections), etc.

An above all:

I’m not based on words, I’m based on real facts lived in my own skin, backed up with my environment, my readers, my clients, etc.

And all of this…only in one book?

No! We introduce you the Sapiens Mindset Trilogy.