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What is the objective?

The methodology we have created is aimed at implementing a process of change of attitude within the organizations with the aim of achieving a new mindset called Sapiens Mindset.

How do we manage sapiens mindset?

The main problem when talking about innovation, entrepreneurship or transformation, is that the focus is on methodology rather than people. We believe that when it comes to developing a new mindset, it is not enough to transfer knowledge.

If not you have to activate it. And this is achieved by managing the vital concerns of people to adapt and undertake, as narrated in the sapiens trilogy.

What tools do we use?

We offer a set of activities, services and content of our own, which we customize and adapt to the specific needs of each company, each business area and each user’s profile, including face-to-face and / or online actions.

What do we get?

Firstly, improving the attitude of workers and developing their talent and, secondly, the implementation of action plans to innovate, evolve and transform the company or organization in the most autonomous way possible.