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La parálisis que activa (March 2015)

This book details one of the most important aspects of human behavior and, therefore, of sapiens mindset.

Everyone has moments of huge adversity in our lives, either because you haven’t taken action or because, once the action has been taken, a fall happens.

In my own experience, in 2010 this collapse was a facial paralysis that stopped me. From there, I took action once again, giving value to sapiens and putting away my mammoth. It was then when I learnt that these breakdowns exist so we can learn from them and, above all, the most important thing was that I analyzed and studied that most of them can be prevented.

In this book are explained the previous symptoms that lead to such an event, as I consider that most of times they can be prevented, and then it explains how one lives during these times. Afterwards, you’ll be able to read about the 12 learnings that everyone endures when they can overcome said difficulties.

Moreover, another important factor is that these stages, the before, during and after, happens also in individual people and in companies or organizations.

At the end, as in each book, there are examples of the contents of the book with people and organizations, plus tools for the reader.

Once we learn to start fighting for our dreams and to get up to fight for other challenges in a continuous way, another question comes to play